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Mouse genome sequence

Mouse genome sequence

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Mus musculus The laboratory mouse is a major model organism for basic mammalian and genome evolution, and its genome has been sequenced Kingdom. The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and the Wellcome Trust currently support a mouse genome sequencing project that aims to produce a robust physical map, and a high quality, finished genomic sequence of the C57BL/6J strain of Mus musculus. Search Mouse (Mus musculus) Genome assembly: GRCmp6 ( GCA_). More information and statistics · Download DNA sequence ( FASTA). Gene annotation - Mouse Strains - Ncbim37 - Mus musculus - Ensembl.

The sequence of the mouse genome is a key informational tool for understanding the contents of the human genome and a key experimental. Human biology by proxy Nature is proud to present the complete initial sequence and analysis of the mouse genome — the experimental key to the human. MouseMine now includes sequence data for 19 mouse inbred strains. The Alliance of Genome Resources (AGR) release enables searches of data from 6.

The recent publication of the nearly complete mouse genome sequence ( Waterston et al. ) can be regarded as a major event for two main reasons. First. The Mouse Genomes Project uses next generation sequencing technologies to sequence the genomes of key laboratory mouse strains. The project consists of. As the most powerful model organism in biomedical research, the mouse was the second mammal to be sequenced as part of the Human Genome Project. Now the first draft sequence of the mouse genome, published today in the journal Nature, should make the tiny rodents even more helpful for.