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Firefox missing icon

Firefox missing icon

Name: Firefox missing icon

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Upgraded to Firefox browser version on Windows 7 Professional. After upgrade, program on Windows Start and on the Taskbar and on the. New computer running Win 7. Install FF no problem. But then the icon disappears from the Start Menu and from the Taskbar. When I go to the. the Firefox icon disappeared from my desktop but it's still on my taskbar. how do i Right click on and select Create Shortcut.

How do I get the firefox icon back on my computer? When I upgraded firefox, it put a square icon on my computer and I want the original icon. Not doing anything special, switched on the laptop and all the Firefox icons, desktop + program files + tray, have disapeared and been changed. This did work, so thank you. However, usually for Mac, all you do is drag the application icon to the dock and voila. I'm not sure why it needs to.

I'm on the latest version and all my icons are WHITE, not the FIREFOX ICONS. . Make sure that Firefox is your default web browser. Installed Firefox but the small 'icons' that appear on a menu (for example) are missing. I deleted (add/remove) Firefox and downloaded another. I no longer have icons on any websites that I browse, so I have no idea what should be clicked The little code in the box indicates that the font Firefox is using, and other fonts it may have checked, are missing that character. Firefox icon, next to windows button disappeared from taskbar in windows 7, and now there's like a document icon. It works but i want the firefox icon. Please.