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P90x back and biceps workout

P90x back and biceps workout

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One Arm Cross Body Curls [ sec]: Alternate curls and pull the weight up across your body as you do. Switch Grip Pull-ups [59 sec]: Alternate between overhand pull-ups and palms facing you, every two reps. Elbow Out Lawnmovers [31 sec]: Same as before, but this time flare your elbows out. 23 Nov - 2 min - Uploaded by Brett Blumenthal See what P90X Back and Biceps looks like in only 90 seconds. More info at: . com/brettsblog. 01 ChEsT - standard Push-Ups. R ___________________ 02 BACK - Wide Front Pull-Ups. R___________________ 03 ChEsT - Military Push-Ups. R ___________________ 04 BACK - Reverse Grip Chin-Ups. 05 ChEsT - Wide Fly Push-Ups. 06 BACK - Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups. 07 ChEsT - Decline Push-Ups. 08 BACK - heavy Pants.

Today was my second week of P90X Back and Biceps. As the name implies, this P90X workout is made up of back exercises and bicep. Get ready to do every variation of bicep curl you could ever imagine. P90X Back & Biceps is a great workout for anyone. Find out what you'll. Let's get back to P90X Back & Biceps. Since it has been awhile since my last P90X workout(s), I'm using my last round P90X Worksheets to give me an idea of .

As you can probably see, the Chest and Back workout is very push-up and pull- up intensive. It's tough, especially the first couple of. P90X workout claims to take on this challenge and help people get rock hard Among different workouts, you can perform P90X back and biceps workout to. P90X Back and Biceps Workout What is a P90X workout? P90X or Power 90 Extreme, is a total body workout routine designed by Tony Horton and has been.