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Remove items from list itunes

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Delete an item from your library. Click the item to select it, then press the Delete key. Click Delete [item]. Do one of the following: Remove the item only from your iTunes library: Click Keep File. Delete the item from your computer: Click Move to Recycle Bin. View, purchase, or remove items from your Wish List. Purchase an item on your Wish List: Click the Buy button (or the button showing the price) next to the item. Remove an item from your Wish List: Select the item or move the pointer over it, then click the Delete button. Learn how to find and remove all items that show up more than once in your library on your Mac or PC. From the menu bar at the top of your computer screen or at the top of the iTunes window, choose File > Library > Show Duplicate Items. To remove duplicates from your library.

Press Delete/Backspace or choose Edit→Delete. In the warning dialog that appears, click Remove to remove the selected item from the list. You can also completely delete an item from your library from within a playlist by selecting the item and pressing Command+Option+Delete (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+Backspace (Windows). Deleting songs from iTunes might seem counterproductive when you're When you delete a song from a playlist, the song is simply deleted from the list — not to keep: You can select any content item and remove it from your iTunes library. In this tutorial, you will learn how to add items from the iTunes Store to your Wish List, and how to access the Wish List to remove content from it, or purchase.

Deleting songs in iTunes isn't quite as simple as it looks. When you've selected the items to delete or clicked the icon, you can do one of four things. 4 easy ways to remove songs and albums from an iPhone device. iTunes library will be scanned and Tune Sweeper will return a list of duplicates File > Library > Show Duplicate Items; Select the files you want to remove. When you remove songs from your iTunes library, they'll be removed from any devices Depending on your settings, you may see a list of all of your songs, your The items you select Remove Download for will remain in your iCloud Music. Delete an artist's songs: Choose one of the artists in the list, and then tap Delete. of Apple Music or subscribe to iTunes Match, learn how to delete items from.